Build Wealth Through Real Estate
Short and long-term investment options

Build Wealth Through Real Estate
Short and long-term investment options

Real estate is among the most lucrative investments available. But being a successful real estate investor requires specialized knowledge and skill, as well as substantial time to manage your portfolio.

With Gatsby Investment, a real estate syndication company, you can leverage the knowledge, skills, and time of our experienced real estate experts while we do the work for you. And by pooling your funds with other investors, we can offer you a piece of the desirable Southern California real estate market for a low minimum investment amount.

Gatsby Investment’s Performance

Since the start of the company in 2016, Gatsby has acquired over 58 deals. As of November 7, 2022, 44 of those offerings have been completed. This makes Gatsby Investment the leading real estate syndication company in Los Angeles. View track record.
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2021 average annualized return
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Investment Opportunities

House Flip #62A

Open Investment


Time Frame
Investor ROI
7.7 months

House Flip #59A

Open Investment


Time Frame
Investor ROI
6.9 months

Single-Family Rental #57A

Open Investment


Time Frame
Eq. Multiple
Annualized IRR
4.6 years

Multi-Family Development #61A

Coming Soon


Time Frame
Investor ROI
18 months

Four Investment Types

By specializing in small to medium-sized projects, we can offer shorter timeframes, lower minimum investment amounts, and limited risk. With our low minimum investment amounts and flexible timeframes, you can spread your investments over multiple properties and investment types to create a diverse real estate portfolio.

House Flip


6-12 months


Est. return 15% to 20%



18-24 months


Est. return 20% to 25%


Core Plus

5+ years


Tax benefits

Est. return 1.75x to 2.5x



6+ years


Tax benefits

Est. return 2.5x to 3.5x

10 Key Reasons to Invest with Gatsby Investment

Historical high returns:

Annualized returns ranging from 10-25%. This is largely because of Gatsby’s proprietary software, automation, and proven business model we have developed over the years. Our projects are completed quickly and affordably. This efficiency leads to higher-than-normal returns.

Deal-by-deal control:

Our projects are offered on a deal-by-deal basis, putting you in complete control of which properties you invest in. Before you invest, you’ll have access to the property details (including the address), financial breakdown, and a full description of what we are doing to maximize the value of the property.

Flexible terms:

Choose from real estate investments ranging from 6 months to 7+ years. We even offer the option to continue your renovation or development investment into a long-term rental investment once the property is stabilized. This flexibility allows you to tailor a real estate portfolio that meets your personal goals.

Comparatively low minimum investments:

Own a piece of L.A. real estate for as little as $10,000. Because of the systems Gatsby has in place, we can pool money from multiple investors to offer comparatively low minimum investments.

Valuable deals:

Our industry connections allow us to locate deals with the greatest potential. Some of our acquisitions come from auction, some from broker relationships, and some are even off-market. Many of our projects would traditionally only be available to elite real estate investors using their connections to find deals that would have been inaccessible to the average investor. But with our innovative systems, Gatsby has made these deals available to the public.

Experienced professionals:

Our team has successfully completed hundreds of real estate deals. By leveraging our experience, you automatically avoid the pitfalls of most real estate investors. From brokers to contractors and analysts to architects, our professionals are the best in the industry. You get to benefit from the experience, knowledge, and skill of some of the most accomplished experts in the LA market.


Gatsby Investment is registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and files reports regularly.


Gatsby offers complete transparency into our full track record. We allow all investors to view the financial details for every completed property.

Easy-to-use online platform:

You can invest quickly and securely from your computer or smartphone from anywhere.

100% profitable track record:

At Gatsby Investment, we are proud of our track record! Since the start of the company in 2016, we have never lost money on a property.

5-Star Reviews

Reuben B.


“I have invested in 2 deals with Gatsby. My first investment was 10k in a house flip. My primary concerns are transparency and prompt reply. Everything that was presented prior to investment was EXACTLY as stated, and they replied to my emails always within 1 business day. I was so pleased that I invested 30k into my 2nd investment. And am looking to go into 2 more deals that they just opened.”

Gianni F.


“I have closed 2 investments (both short term fix and flips) with Gatsby and they are fantastic. Very easy to work with and great returns. I have 2 more investments that are open and tracking along as planned. I highly recommend them if your looking to expand your investments in this area of real estate.”

Nir M.


“When it comes to real estate investment, Gatsby is my go-to. Can’t find higher returns anywhere else! I already put $350k spread over 5 properties. Two already was completed and I reinvest it all to compound my interest. I have known Danny for many years and have complete trust in him and the company. Can truly recommend them!”

What is real estate syndication?

Real estate syndication is an alternative investment type, similar to real estate crowdfunding. Capital is pooled from multiple investors, allowing people to access high-value real estate deals with a low minimum investment amount. This gives everyday investors access to deals that would normally only be available to the wealthiest investors.

Unlike most real estate crowdfunding, real estate syndication offers a true ownership share in the underlying real estate. Gatsby will form and manage a separate limited liability company (“LLC”) for each real estate investment opportunity. For each LLC, the investors are the joint members and owners of the LLC, and thus, will each hold an indirect economic interest in the underlying real property asset. With Gatsby, you’re not just an investor in a fund; you’re an indirect owner of real property in which you want to specifically invest.

Click here to learn more about real estate syndication.

Why you should invest in Los Angeles

The demand for Los Angeles real estate remains high year after year. With the largest manufacturing base in the country, a fast-growing tech industry, and an increasing number of venture capital startups, Los Angeles offers an exceptionally dynamic economy. Add the attraction of the entertainment industry, the appeal of year-round sunshine, and the desire to live in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and it’s easy to see why LA has a proven record of consistent demand.

Limited supply is another key factor in the value of the Southern California estate market. Housing in LA is sprawling and limited by geographic boundaries including the ocean to the west and the mountains to the north and east.

The high demand and low supply have driven LA to become a market leader in both rent growth and property appreciation.

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