Investment opportunities

Build wealth
through real estate

Gatsby Investment specializes in short-term residential real estate. We target four types of investments: Multi-family developments, multi-family rentals, house flips, and luxury home developments.

We offer you the opportunity to grow your money without the hassle of buying, selling, renting, managing, renovating, or building new homes.

Why invest with Gatsby Investment?

High returns:

Annualized returns ranging from 10-25%.


Be in full control over which property you are investing in.


Choose from investments ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

Low minimum:

Own a piece of real estate for as little as $10,000.

Real estate syndication

The benefit of our real estate syndication structure is that multiple people can invest in a property together, with a lower minimum amount per-person. With your money pooled, you can invest in bigger projects that would otherwise be out of reach. This allows small and medium-sized investors to participate in projects that traditionally would only be available to large-scale investors.


Gatsby Investment is a real estate investment firm based in Los Angeles, California. Our team of professionals has extensive experience managing every aspect of the real estate process from purchasing to architectural design, permitting, construction, property management, and successful sale.

Real estate investment projects often require investors to be on site. This causes many investors to miss out on opportunities in premium market locations, such as Los Angeles. We built our platform to give you access to investment opportunities not limited by your geographic location. Gatsby takes care of the process from start to finish, while allowing you to maximize your return on investment from the comfort of your home.

We are pleased to invite accredited investors to invest alongside Gatsby Investment and benefit from our experience through opportunities that are rare to find in the market today.

Online platform

The platform allows you to search for new investment opportunities, view what is coming soon, and complete the investment directly online. You can even pre-invest to reserve a spot in upcoming opportunities.

Our “Investment ROI calculator” is included on each property breakdown and allows you to calculate the estimated return based on the amount you wish to invest.

Once you have made an investment you can track the status of your investment in real-time, directly from your dashboard. Properties are updated with before and after photos, giving you a visual progression of the project. You can view your statement at any time and access your K-1 report at the end of each fiscal year.

Unique investment structure

Gatsby is the first company ever to offer this type of syndication investment opportunity in residential real estate.

By specializing in small scale, residential properties, we can offer shorter time frames, lower minimum investment amounts, and limit risk. This can not only be a great way for you to grow your money, but also give you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio with flexible timelines and spread your investment over multiple property types.

Investments are offered on a deal-by-deal basis. This puts you in complete control over which properties you are investing in.


Gatsby offers complete transparency into our full track record. We allow all verified accredited investors to view our historical data, including the financial details for every property Gatsby Investment has completed.

A third-party accounting firm reviews and confirms: Purchase date, purchase price, property address, escrow statements, costs and expenses, sales date, sales price, and return on investment(ROI). Gatsby will continue to have this data reviewed and available to investors after each fiscal year.


Gatsby Investment is registered with the SEC (Registration CIK #0001833897). The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is a U.S. government oversight agency responsible for regulating the securities markets and protecting investors.

To add an extra layer of protection to our investors, all our properties are held through a Delaware Statutory Trust. The Trust provides limited protections to the investors so that their personal assets are not at risk for Trust liabilities. Every property within a Trust is held in its own series under the terms of the Master Trust Agreement.