Who we are

At Gatsby Investment, we combine technology with human expertise, to make real estate investing easier and more profitable for individual investors than ever before!

Based in Beverly Hills, our team of real estate professionals, software developers, and business innovators work hard to make rare deals accessible to individual investors. Our alternatives to traditional real estate investments provide a chance for you to diversify from the volatile stock market without the time and effort typically required by property owners.

With our unique combination of syndication and crowdfunding, Gatsby Investment is different from other companies in this space. We are more than just a real estate crowdfunding platform; we are a team of expert real estate analysts who source the best developers, operators, and builders in the country, to bring you the best deals possible and manage those deals from start to finish.

Our experienced and skilled team oversees every aspect of the deal. We handle the funding process, establish the ownership LLC, secure the loan, purchase the property, supervise the architects, builders, and designers, and take care of the sale or ongoing management of the asset (depending on whether the project was designed to be sold upon completion or held long-term). We manage all the financials in a transparent manner, including loan draws, cost verifications, vendor payments, 1099 and K-1 tax forms, and investor distributions. Furthermore, we provide regular updates for investors, including progress photos.

At Gatsby, we are proud to invest alongside our investors in each deal. We never offer an investment opportunity that we aren’t financially invested in ourselves!

With a stable legal structure, full transparency, and a proven track record of successful projects, investors can invest confidently with us. Our model provides the benefits of traditional real estate investing, but it makes the process completely passive for investors.

What we do

Gatsby finds real estate deals with high-return potential and makes those deals available to individual investors who wish to own a share of the deal.

We specialize in smaller projects with short timeframes. Our focus is on value-add and ground-up construction projects where we can maximize a property’s worth quickly. Instead of relying solely on long-term appreciation and rental income, we can immediately raise the property value in each deal, increasing the profitability of our investments under any market conditions.

Anyone with extra capital on hand can purchase a property and benefit from property appreciation, but not everyone has the time, knowledge, or desire to complete extensive value-add work or ground-up developments. That is what Gatsby Investment does; we manage these complex projects, allowing passive real estate investors to put low minimum investment amounts on unique deals with high-yield potential.

With a small in-house team of specialists, software automation, and technology to handle deals in volume, we can efficiently run with low overhead costs to deliver higher returns to investors.

Everyone on our team has two passions in common: helping investors grow their wealth and creating beautiful properties for people to call home.

How we started

Gatsby Investment was founded in Los Angeles by Dan Gatsby in 2016. But the story started long before that with a small printing shop in Culver City.

Dan opened his Culver City printing shop in 2001. In just 15 years, Dan had grown this business to become the second-largest wholesale printer company in the country with over 500 employees and annual revenue of over $75 million. This success was largely because Dan revolutionized the printing industry by becoming the first to develop software for accepting online orders of complex print jobs which had previously required lengthy conversations. With Dan’s innovative eCommerce system, customers from all over the country could place complex print orders quickly, easily, and affordably!

Upon selling the company, Dan decided to invest the proceeds in real estate and started building an extensive real estate portfolio. He built a world-class team of industry professionals and invested a large portion of his fortune into various real estate projects around Los Angeles.

When the JOBS Act passed in 2012, Dan saw an opportunity. He wanted to combine his software development skills and business experience with real estate to make complex real estate investments easily accessible to investors. This idea would become the Gatsby Investment platform we see today.

But it wasn’t until he had established a consistent track record of profitable returns that he started offering investments to accredited investors. Gatsby Investment started in 2016, and since the launch of the website, we have grown into a high-performance technology platform that helps real estate investors grow their portfolios and financials. And we continue to grow!

To date, we have invested over $65m with 100% of the principal returned to investors!

And we are proud to say that the vast majority of our investors are REPEAT investors.

We are pleased to invite accredited investors to invest alongside Gatsby Investment and benefit from our experience through rare opportunities in the real estate market.

Our founder and CEO, Dan Gatsby

Dan Gatsby is the founder and president of Gatsby Investment. As a seasoned businessman with over 30 years of experience in software development and business invention, Dan had a goal to make rare real estate investment opportunities accessible to individual investors across the US and to make investing in real estate as easy as investing in stocks.

Dan started out as a real estate investor himself and gained experience in a variety of real estate investment types: house flip/value-add, luxury homes, multi-family rentals, vacation rentals, and ground-up developments, as well as raw land.

Meet our team!

Josefin Gatsby
Investment Manager
Ark Andoun
Operations Manager
Adeline Andoun
Matheau Dakoske
Brittany Dakoske
Software Development

Our outside providers

Gatsby is proud to work with some of the most respected and skilled professionals in the industry. We have built trusted relationships with these providers over our years in the business.

Manatt is one of the country's leading law firms, specializing in real estate law. Manatt built Gatsby’s legal structure and drafted our contracts and agreements.

RSM is one of the world’s largest accounting firms, RSM verifies our financials and performs the “Agreed Upon Procedure” reports for our completed properties.

Richard Landry is a world-renowned architect. Gatsby teamed up with the Landry team to create our custom color combinations and designs.

Verify Investor is a third-party company that verifies all of Gatsby’s investors as accredited investors.

Gatsby Registrations

Gatsby is registered with the SEC under rule 506c and follows all its rules and regulations. We file each property LLC with the SEC. To search for a property, click here, then search “Gi property X LLC” and provide the number of the specific property (i.e. “Gi Property 62 LLC”).

USPTO Trademark
USPTO Trademarks

The USPTO is the federal agency for granting US patents and trademarks. Gatsby has been granted multiple patents and trademarks for Gatsby Investment in the field of real estate.

Here’s why customers love gatsby!

Reuben B.

“I have invested in 2 deals with Gatsby. My first investment was 10k in a house flip. My primary concerns are transparency and prompt reply. Everything that was presented prior to investment was EXACTLY as stated, and they replied to my emails always within 1 business day. I was so pleased that I invested 30k into my 2nd investment. And am looking to go into 2 more deals that they just opened.”

Gianni F.

“I have closed 2 investments (both short term fix and flips) with Gatsby and they are fantastic. Very easy to work with and great returns. I have 2 more investments that are open and tracking along as planned. I highly recommend them if your looking to expand your investments in this area of real estate.”

Nir M.

“When it comes to real estate investment, Gatsby is my go-to. Can’t find higher returns anywhere else! I already put $350k spread over 5 properties. Two already was completed and I reinvest it all to compound my interest. I have known Danny for many years and have complete trust in him and the company. Can truly recommend them!”

Mark L.

“Gatsby Investment offers an amazing full service investment platform that allows you to customize your investing strategy and then they take care of everything else between the initial wire transfer and when you receive the final wire transfer after a project is complete. They have made lots of enhancements to their process and website to provide continuous project updates and photos of the projects you invested in. The team is very helpful and responsive if you ever need to speak to someone. I highly recommend Gatsby Investment and look forward to continuing to use them.”

Eli N.

“I would highly recommend Gatsby investment. The entire team is very knowledgeable. The past few years we made a few investments with them & were extremely happy with the results as we got paid as promised. Transactions were very smooth & extremely professional.”

Tal M.

“I’ve invested in 6 properties so far. 3 of them are already completed and I’m very happy with the company. I will continue investing with them and can highly recommend them.”

Johnny B.

“Gatsby Team is very knowledgeable, and diligent with the work. I have worked with them on 2 projects, and so far its been seamless. I will continue to invest with confidence.”

Gatsby’s Key Features

With a small team, revolutionary technology, the perfect real estate niche in the LA market, and a track record that is hard to beat, Gatsby continues to grow every day!

  • Selective – We believe in quality over quantity! Every opportunity that is posted on the website is subject to an extensive due diligence process by real estate experts and analysts to make sure we only bring the most profitable deals to our investors.
  • Transparent – For each opportunity, all information is reported to investors from the start until the end. Additionally, we show every property Gatsby has completed for all members to view, including financials, return on investment, timeframes, and before and after photos.
  • Diversification – We offer a range of real estate opportunities to help investors diversify their existing portfolios with short-term, value-add, and new development projects.

Future plans!

As our company keeps growing, we are looking to expand our operation into different markets across the US, to offer more deal flow and diversification to investors. This expansion is creating the opportunity for sponsors and developers to partner with us. Sponsors and developers can focus on the build, while Gatsby handles the rest.

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