As real estate experts, the professionals at Gatsby Investment are regularly featured and cited in real estate industry publications, news sources, and media outlets. Journalists appreciate that the Gatsby Investment Team has a deep understanding of changing market trends. We are proud to be a reliable source of information. Here, in our press library, you’ll find links to the media sources that feature Gatsby Investment. Topics include a 2022 Gatsby Investments Online Real Estate Platform Review by Benzinga and an article about Gatsby’s Co-Living Development Strategy Providing Strong Returns, among many others.

Gatsby continues to be featured in articles regularly, particularly as it pertains to the new market trends Gatsby is creating. Take our customized multi-family development model, for example. This model was designed to serve co-living residents with multiple roommates. By being among the first to identify the need for co-living home design, we have created a competitive advantage and earned higher-than-average returns for our investors. In turn, this is changing the landscape of co-living rentals in Los Angeles, which is creating new opportunities for investors! If you are a journalist who would like to request an interview with our owner, Dan Gatsby, you can submit all press inquiries to

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