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How it Works

Investing in real estate has never been easier!

Here is a step-by-step guide to investing with Gatsby Investment.

1. Sign up

Creating an account takes less than a minute. You just need to provide some basic info and confirm your email address. Once you have created an account, you have full access to all the information on our website, including investment details, financials, and the full track record of completed deals.

2. Get verified

To invest with Gatsby, you need to be verified as an accredited investor in accordance with SEC policies. You can apply for verification and provide proof of income or net worth through our online application. You will be notified of the results of your application via email, typically in just one day.

3. Invest

Find investment properties that meet your goals. You can use the ROI calculator feature to view your estimated return on any investment. And when you find the right property, you can easily place the investment online. Our system will guide you through the investment agreement and provide wiring instructions.

4. Wire the funds

To secure your place in your chosen investment, you simply need to transfer the funds via wire transfer or ACH to Gatsby’s secure account within five business days of placing your investment order online. You will get an email confirming that your investment is active as soon as we receive your funds.

5. Track your investment

You can easily track your investment through your online dashboard. A progress meter will show the current status of the project as well as a percentage of completion. Gatsby uploads construction photos to your online dashboard regularly so you can follow the progress of the project. You will also receive email updates as your investment moves from one status to another.

6. Property sale

When the project is complete, Gatsby’s team of real estate sales experts lists the property on the market for sale. We advertise the property to a wide range of qualified buyers, looking to drive the sales price as high as possible. Gatsby reviews all offers and accepts the offer from the highest bidder. We then inform investors once the property is sold.

7. Disbursements

Gatsby will send the investor distributions within 30 days after the property has sold. The funds will be sent via wire transfer to the account you have listed on your Gatsby profile. After receiving your funds, you have the option to reinvest them in another property to continue growing your wealth.

How to place an investment

Click below to view a quick video tutorial on how to place an investment into each type of project.

Video Tutorials

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Single-family development
Multi-family build-to-rent
Multi-family value-add

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