Each property type and series have different minimum investment requirements, starting at $10,000. Please check each investment opportunity for specific details.

The time frame is the total number of days an investment takes. We start counting from the day we open escrow and ending with the day we close escrow.

We offer investment opportunities ranging from 6 months to 5 years. Click on “Invest” and select a property type to view the details of the time frames.

NOTE: All time frames represent our best estimate of the time it will take to complete an investment. No time frames are guaranteed.

Based on our historical data of completed properties, our cumulative annualized net return is 9.87%.

NOTE: Past performance does not assure future results.

To invest with Gatsby Investment, you need to be at least 18 years of age or older and be verified as an accredited investor.

To invest you need to be verified as an accredited investor. There are four ways to qualify as an accredited investor. You only need to meet one out of the four requirements to be verified:

  • Individuals who have earned $200,000 or more, in income, each year, for the past two years and expect to continue to do so.
  • Individuals whose income, when combined with a spouse's income, totals $300,000 or more, each year, for the past two years.
  • Individuals who maintain a net worth of $1 million or more, excluding the value of his or her primary residence.
  • An entity with at least $5 million in assets, or a business in which all equity owners are accredited investors.

NOTE: For more information, please go to the “Info” tab and click on “Accredited Investor.”

We use a third-party service; Verify Investor to verify you. All provided information is confidential. You need to have at least one of the following documents ready before you apply:

Individuals and reitrement accounts:

  • Proof of income for the past 2 years (W-2, K-1 or 1099)
  • Proof of income, combined with your spouse, for the past 2 years (W-2, K-1 or 1099)
  • A verification letter signed by a licensed CPA or attorney (No older than 90 days)
  • Show enough assets to evidence a net worth of at least $1,000,000, excluding your primary residence. You can prove this with a property deed or other evidence of ownership, bank statements or letter from a financial institution, or vehicle title that shows ownership along with a professional valuation.


  • Proof that each equity owner is an accredited investor. Each owner needs to show proof of income for the past 2 years individually or combined with your spouse, with a W-2, K-1 or 1099
  • A verification letter signed by a licensed CPA or attorney (No older than 90 days)
  • Proof of assets exceeding $5,000,000. (Easiest proven by a formal valuation from a valuation professional or accountant)

An accredited investor verification is valid for up to 90 days. You must make your first investment and complete the wire transfer within this time frame, to avoid having to apply again. Once you have made your first investment, your verification remains valid with Gatsby Investment.

Yes, you can invest through your IRA, IRA LLC, or individual 401k account. You will need to provide the account name and account number. Each investment property can accept up to 25% of the total raise amount from retirement accounts.

For more information, visit the accredited investor page.

Pre-investments are for upcoming investment opportunities. If you would like to participate in the next project, we recommend that you submit a pre-investment request to reserve your spot. To reserve a spot is free, and you are under no obligation to activate the investment request.

Pre-investments have no property assigned to the project. The return percentage, time frame, and financials are estimated based on our historical data. Once a property is selected, the return percentage, time frame and financials will be updated to reflect the specific property, and the project moves to “Open investment.” At that point, you will be notified, and you will have 3 business days to complete the wire transfer to activate your investment request.

Open investments are ready for investment today. These projects have a property assigned and the return percentage, time frame, and financials are updated to reflect the chosen property. The specifics of the property can be found by clicking “View details” on the investment page.

You can select the investment amount and initiate a wire transfer. You have 3 business days to complete your wire transfer to activate your investment.

When an open investment has been fully funded it moves to “In progress” and is no longer open for investment. You can track the status of your investments from start to finish directly from your investor dashboard.

Gatsby Investment collects a service fee for managing all stages of the real estate process. The percentage of the service fee can vary for each property type and series. The services span across several departments. These include: market research, location scouting, buying and selling the property, handling escrow, interior and architectural design, staging, applying for the appropriate permits, identifying building materials, and managing the construction team. Our experienced accounting team overview of the Trust, as well as reviews all associated expenses and disbursement calculations.

To calculate the ROI (Return on Investment), take your net profit, and divide it by the total investment amount for a property. Take the result you get, then multiply by 100, and that is your return on investment as a percentage.

The expenses include the cost of construction, permits/surveys, notary, trust fees, and other various costs related to the property beyond the initial purchase price. These costs may vary from property to property.

Please see the Summary of Terms located here for more detailed information.

We hold all properties through a Delaware Statutory Trust. The Trust provides limited protections to the investors so that their personal assets are not at risk for Trust liabilities. Every property within a Trust is held in its own series under the terms of the Master Trust Agreement.

The trustee of the Trust Company controls investor funds and will disburse such funds on behalf of the investors for each Trust Series, in accordance of the Trust Agreement. Once a property has been purchased, the Trust holds the title to the particular property. When a property is ready to be sold, we move into escrow. Gatsby Investment calculates all funds and provides the Trust Company with the investor disbursement information. Once escrow is closed and the money has been transferred back to the Trust’s bank account, the money is then disbursed to investors within 30 days. The Trust will send a wire transfer to the investors with their pro rata share of the total return on the investment, for the applicable property.

We never guarantee any results, but in our experience, we have found that:

  1. House flips and multi-family developments have been resilient even during challenging market conditions.
  2. Luxury homes are more dependent on building and selling at the right time. Therefore, we only offer these investment opportunities once our team believes the conditions are right.

A discussion of the risks applicable to each type of investment, offered by Gatsby Investment, can be found in the Summary of Terms located here. These risks are significant and should be considered carefully before making any investment.

As with any investment we cannot, and do not, guarantee a profit. Please refer to our “Historical data” to view our consistent profitable results. This information can be found under the tab “Invest” and “View completed properties.”

NOTE: Past performance does not assure future results.

To view all our completed properties, go to the tab“Invest” and click on “View completed properties.” You have access to the property address and before and after photos. To view the full financial breakdown, you need to have an account with us and be verified as an accredited investor.

An outside accounting firm, reviews Gatsby Investment Master Trust’s financial records with respect to each Series and property.

Gatsby will continue to have our historical data reviewed after each fiscal year. The outside accounting firm reviews: Purchase date, purchase price, property address, escrow statements, costs and expenses, sales date, sales price, and return on investment (ROI).

The transferring of the funds can be made online through a wire transfer (NOTE: Wire transfer only, not ACH). Once you have made the investment you will be provided with the wire transfer instructions. You will have 3 business days to wire the money to activate your investment. Each investment has a unique reference code, marked in red. Make sure you include this code when wiring the money.

If you have a daily wire transfer limit, you can do multiple wires to reach your total investment amount. Make sure you include the same reference code in all wire transfers.

Each investor is required to fill out an IRS Form W-9 or other applicable tax forms after they have made their first investment. At the end of each applicable tax year, investors will be issued a Schedule K-1 reflecting their share of the taxable income, or loss, from each completed property. Investors will be responsible for including such income, or loss, on their tax returns. The Schedule K-1 will be available to download from the “My profile” tab.

After you receive your disbursement, you can log in to your account, search for new investment opportunities and reinvest.