ADUs increasingly popular among new housing stock in LA

LOS ANGELES — It’s a vision months in the making as Los Angeles resident Michelle Mitchell walks through the frame of her home she is remodeling.

UPDATED OCT. 28, 2022

“All of this is getting torn down and you’ll have just glass walls here, where you’ll be able to look out into the backyard with all the trees, swimming pool and it will be a kind of indoor, outdoor feel,” she said.

Mitchell, a tech professional, moved to LA from Northern California for work last year and quickly noticed the limited housing supply.

“Even as I’ve been in LA during this period of construction, I found it really hard to find places to stay, especially in west side neighborhoods where prices are through the roof,” she said.

Besides remodeling her home, she also converted her garage into an ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, adding housing stock that her family, friends or renters can take advantage of. It’s a trend that Danny Shuster, Chief Construction Officer with Construction Consulting Services, sees more homeowners opting for.

He’s working with Mitchell and said they work on 20 ADUs at a time and have worked on over 2,000 of them in the last six years in the LA area and San Diego area.

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