Hot Lead-Gen Opportunities for Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles

By Josefin Gatsby on 02/08/2024.
Reviewed by Michelle Clardie .
With so many active real estate agents and brokers in Los Angeles, the competition for buyer and seller leads is fierce. But with a little creativity, you can find interesting ways to reach prospective clients and convert them to closings!

Here are five hot lead-gen opportunities for real estate agents in Los Angeles.

1. Host a Seminar, Workshop, or Course

Seminars and workshops allow you to position yourself as an authority in the space while introducing you to potential buyers, sellers, and investors. 

There are so many options here:

  • First-Time Homebuyer Seminars
  • Home Seller Staging Workshops
  • Real Estate Investing 101 Course

You can offer your seminar, workshop, or course in person or online. Make it free if you want to cast a wide net or charge a fee if you want to limit your audience to serious prospects.  

Don’t forget to record the presentation so you can use snippets for YouTube videos and social media reels!

2. Organize a Community Improvement Project

Local improvement projects help showcase your investment in the community you're selling people on. Can you think of anything you can do to improve your community? 

Maybe there’s an empty lot that desperately needs cleaning. Or vacant storefronts that could use a fresh coat of paint (sure, it’s the property owner’s responsibility, but they might not have the physical ability or means to paint). 

Or, get this, what if you get a team of volunteers to meet regularly to replace lightbulbs, weed lawns, and repair broken fences for senior and differently-abled homeowners who can’t maintain their homes on their own?

Any improvement project is a chance to establish your reputation as someone who cares about the community while meeting homeowners, local business owners, and/or other volunteers. 

Of course, you can also share the experience on social. Maybe even get in the local news cycle!     

3. Review Property Tax Assessments for Homeowners

The average homeowner doesn’t know how much their home is worth at any given time. So when they get a notice from the tax assessor saying that their value has gone up $50,000 since last year, and their tax bill will go up accordingly, most don’t question it. But assessors are often wrong because they apply a general formula to a wide region instead of assessing individual homes. 

So here’s what you do: every July when new assessed values are released in LA County, you go to the Assessor’s website to review the values for your previous buyers (and any other strategic market you want). With your market knowledge, you can quickly tell by looking at the assessed value per square foot if the assessed value is a fair number for the neighborhood. 

If the assessed value is fair (or mercifully low), you can let the homeowner know that you completed a complimentary review of their property taxes and have confirmed that the value is fair. If it’s high, you can alert your homeowner so they can appeal the value themselves or hire you to do it! Making money in property tax appeals is surprisingly easy for real estate businesses. Just offering complimentary annual reviews is a smart way to stand out and a unique way to nurture potential seller leads!   

4. Blog (Yes, Even in the Mid-2020s)

Imagine this: You publish an article on your site called “The 10 Best Neighborhoods for Homebuyers in Los Angeles”. A serious buyer searches online for the “best neighborhood to buy a home in LA,” and your website shows up on the first page of their search results. So the buyer reads your article, is blown away by your local market knowledge, and texts you to schedule a consultation. 

This is the power of blogging. Every blog post you publish gives search engines, like Google, more content to index on your website. And this increases the chances that search engines will send traffic to your website. 

Here’s the best part: a single article you spend a few hours writing can serve as a lead generator for years to come! Don’t sleep on blogging for real estate lead generation!

5. Partner with a Real Estate Syndication Company

Real estate syndication
companies can be an amazing source of repeat business for LA-area agents and brokers. Syndication companies, sometimes called crowdfunding platforms or real estate sponsors, complete real estate projects on behalf of groups of investors. 

Take Gatsby Investment, for example. This Beverly Hills-based syndication company has completed over 100 deals in Los Angeles! Gatsby is always looking for new acquisitions to continue the flow of deals to investors. And Gatsby allows LA-area real estate brokers and agents to submit suitable properties for consideration online. You could potentially earn a commission or referral fee on the acquisition of the property and the sale of the property upon completion of the project.

Time to Take Action

Lead-gen in real estate is about taking action. So choose the topic for your first seminar, publish your first blog post, or submit your first deal to a syndication company TODAY!    

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