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By Michelle Clardie on 02/21/2021.
Reviewed by Dan Gatsby .
Have you ever considered investing with a real estate company as a means of building wealth? Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while. Or maybe the concept of investing in property is completely new to you. Either way, Gatsby Investment has the platform to help you build a diverse real estate investment portfolio. 

Gatsby Investment is a Los Angeles-based real estate syndication company, offering accredited investors the opportunity to grow their net worth without personally buying, selling, renovating, or building new properties. Through the Gatsby Investment platform, small investors can take advantage of the opportunities that were traditionally only available to big investors.

What are accredited investors?

Accredited investors are individuals or entities who meet one of the following four SEC criteria to qualify for investing in sophisticated investment opportunities:

  1. You have earned $200,000 or more in income over the past two years (and can reasonably expect to continue earning at this level).
  2. You and your spouse have earned a combined $300,000 or more over the past two years (and can reasonably expect to continue earning at this level).
  3. You maintain a personal net worth of $1 million or more (excluding the value of your primary residence).   
  4. You are an entity with at least $5 million in assets, or you are an entity in which all equity owners are accredited investors.
As soon as you have been verified as an accredited investor, you can start investing and building your wealth through our real estate investment company.

What does a real estate investment company do?

Investing with a real estate syndication company helps you build wealth in this field more easily, and often with more security and better returns than you might achieve doing it alone. 

Real estate investment companies pool money from multiple investors to buy assets and manage the project on behalf of the investors.

Why is investing with a real estate company better than traditional real estate investing? 

Real estate is among the most reliable investments available, with comparatively low risk and stable returns. But many investors don't consider it because of the high upfront cost and complexity that comes with flipping homes or developing multi-family properties.

To be successful in traditional property investing, you need:

  • Large amounts of cash: In high-value markets like Los Angeles, purchasing a property and rehabbing or developing the property often costs more than individual investors are willing to risk in one project.
  • Experience and skill: Flippers and developers need to be experts in analysis, finance, design project management, marketing, and sales. 
  • Connections: Most investors don’t have the industry connections to find the best contractors and vendors for their projects.
  • Hands-on management: With so many contractors involved in a development project, you need boots on the ground to ensure the success of the project.
  • Time: All this management and supervision requires countless hours.
  • An exceptionally high tolerance for risk: When all your cash is tied up in one investment, a single bad deal could be impossible to recover from. So you have to be perfectly comfortable with taking on risk.   

Investing with a real estate company addresses each of these problems!

Your real estate investment company:

  • Pools cash from multiple investors: With your money pooled, you can invest in high-quality projects that would otherwise be out of reach financially.
  • Has the experience and skill: Reputable real estate investment companies like Gatsby Investment have experts to handle every aspect of the deal.  
  • Has connections: Reputable real estate investment companies like Gatsby also have the industry connections to find the best possible contractors and vendors.
  • Provides hands-on management: You can rest assured that the day-to-day operations of your project are being professionally managed.
  • Saves you time: Your income from your investment will be completely passive!
  • Mitigates risk with diverse investment options: You can invest in several different projects over varied property types to diversify your investment and reduce your risk.   

For all these reasons, real estate investment companies have been growing in popularity. But there’s one company that stands apart from the rest...

Introducing Gatsby Investment

Gatsby Investment was founded by Mr. Gatsby in 2016. Gatsby had just sold his online business, and he chose to invest his proceeds in real estate because the returns in real estate are consistently higher than many other investment types.

A savvy businessman, Gatsby knew he needed a team of experts to navigate the complex Los Angeles market and maximize returns on his investments. 

With Gatsby’s exceptional team of professionals in place, Gatsby Investment invested over $60 million in various projects. The strategy proved successful, with a consistent track record of profitable returns over four years. 

At this point Gatsby wanted to help other investors (who didn’t have $60 million available for investing) take advantage of his real estate strategy. So we at Gatsby Investment created a proprietary investment platform that allows accredited investors of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to become successful in real estate. 

The secret to Gatsby’s real estate success

Gatsby saw an opportunity to do what no one else in the LA real estate market was doing: meet market demand for high-quality homes and properties with crowdfunded flipping and development projects.

We specialize in residential and commercial real estate, focusing on two distinct investment types with substantial profit potential:

1. Flipping single-family homes

Fixing-and-flipping has a long history as an investment strategy, but funding flips via residential real estate investment companies is a new concept. It is also one ideally suited to the LA market with its constantly changing social landscape and abundance of investment opportunities.  

2. Developing high-quality multi-family projects

In addition to earning solid returns, developing multi-family projects helps to meet the high demand for housing in the Los Angeles market. Construction on new multi-family simply hasn’t kept pace with the increasing need, resulting in a severe housing shortage in LA. We want to help Angelinos find the great housing they’re looking for. 

These types of investments would be inaccessible to smaller investors if it weren’t for our system of pooling investor’s money to complete large projects with comparatively small investments from multiple sources.

What makes Gatsby Investment special?

Gatsby Investment offers hassle-free and completely autonomous real estate investment to our investors. We manage all phases of the transaction, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the performance of your investments. 

Our services include:

  • Market research
  • Location scouting
  • Buying the property (including handling title and escrow) 
  • Obtaining the appropriate permits
  • Identifying building materials
  • Interior and architectural design
  • Managing the construction team
  • Staging
  • Selling the property
  • Distributing the profits

Seven key reasons to invest with Gatsby Investment

When it comes to investing with a real estate company, choosing the right company can be the difference between failure and success. Here are seven key reasons to invest in our company.

  1. Flexibility: Choose from short-term or long-term investments, with project timelines ranging from six months to five years.
  2. Low minimum investment: For as little as $10,000, you can own a piece of a real estate deal.
  3. Diversity: With our multiple property-type approach and low minimum investment, investors can diversify their investments among different projects.
  4. Stable legal structure: Each property is held in its own LLC. 
  5. Secure online system: Use our online platform to search investment opportunities and track the progress of your investments. Our proprietary system offers quick, easy, and secure investing. You can even see before and after photos of your investment projects from your dashboard.
  6. A team of real estate experts: Our team of professionals has extensive experience managing every aspect of the project from purchasing to design, construction, and successful sale. When you have designated experts handling each step of the deal, your risk dramatically decreases.
  7. Transparency: We allow all account holders to view our full track record of historical financial data, including the financials for every property Gatsby Investment has completed. 

Is Gatsby Investment the right fit for you?

At Gatsby Investment, we believe real estate investing should be low-risk, fun, and profitable. If you are an accredited investor looking to invest in development projects with minimal risk and high profit potential, real estate investment companies are a good strategy for you.

Gatsby is the right investment vehicle for you if you’re looking to invest quickly, easily, and stress-free using an innovative online platform.

And if you’re interested in stress-free investment in the hot LA market, professionally managed by a team of the top experts in the industry, Gatsby is the ideal real estate investment company for you.

How to start investing with a real estate syndication company like Gatsby Investment

Getting started couldn’t be easier. You can view the available  investment opportunities even before you sign up, then when you have decided that working with Gatsby Investment is right for you, simply sign up by completing our sign-up form. Once your account has been created, and you have been verified as an accredited investor, you’ll be able to calculate estimated returns, and add investments to your virtual shopping cart.

That's all it takes to get started investing with a real estate company. Start your new real estate investment portfolio with Gatsby Investment today!

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