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Time Frame
30 months
Investor ROI
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Luxury home information

Luxury homes are a great option if you are looking for a long-term investment with a larger investment amount. We focus on homes that sell for under $15 million because they have a wide range of buyers. Since Los Angeles continues to be a prime location for luxury homes, these projects have the potential to yield great profits.

The process

The process of building a luxury home starts with finding suitable land to build on. This may be an open lot, or an existing home, which we would tear down in order to build a luxury home to sell. Our team is highly selective and skilled in scouting prime locations. We focus on areas such as Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Hollywood Hills.

Before initiating a purchase, we analyze the location, area market price, zoning code, lot size, and buildable square footage. Our experts also estimate the costs to build in comparison to the anticipated sales price, to ensure a profitable result.

We work with award-winning architects, Landry Design Group, to create our custom design. For more than 30 years, they have created world-class homes with innovative architecture and uncompromising quality. Every year since 2000, they have been listed among “The World’s Top 100 Greatest Architects.”

Due to the size of our construction team, we can delegate workers to different areas simultaneously, completing the project in the quickest possible time frame. The result is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind residence for high-profile clientele.


We work with award-winning architects, Landry Design Group, to create our custom designs. For more than 30 years, they have created world-class homes with innovative architecture and uncompromising quality. Every year since 2000, they have been listed among “The world’s top 100 greatest architects.”


Los Angeles is one of the most dynamic economies in the world, with a fast-growing tech industry, the nation’s largest manufacturing base, and an increasing amount of venture capital investment startups.

The city has a winning combination of limited supply, proven demand, world recognition, strong geographics, and the best year-round weather. All this mitigates downside risk.

Time frame

A luxury home is approximately a three- to four-year investment. The timeline starts the day we open escrow and ends the day we close escrow. It typically takes between one and two years for purchasing, designing and permitting, followed by another two years to build and sell. Once a property has sold and escrow closed, the accounting team will calculate the profit and the trust company will disburse the money to the investors within 10 days.


The minimum investment requirement can vary for each house, starting at $100,000.

Each investment opportunity has a different estimated return percentage and service fee. Choose a property that interests you and click “View details” to see the financial breakdown.


All properties are held through a Delaware Statutory Trust. The Trust provides limited protections to the investors so that their personal assets are not at risk for Trust liabilities. Every property within a Trust is held in its own series under the terms of the Master Trust Agreement.

Investment pipeline

Our investments are offered in three different stages. We do this to give you better insight to our current and upcoming opportunities. Below you will find a detailed explanation of each stage.


Pre-investments are for upcoming investment opportunities. If you would like to participate in the next project, we recommend that you submit a pre-investment request to reserve your spot. To reserve a spot is free, and you are under no obligation to activate the investment request.

Pre-investments have no property assigned to the project. The return percentage, time frame, and financials are estimated based on our historical data. Once a property is selected, the return percentage, time frame and financials will be updated to reflect the specific property, and the project moves to “Open investment.” At that point, you will be notified, and you will have 3 business days to complete the wire transfer to activate your investment request.

Open investments

Open investments are ready for investment today. These projects have a property assigned and the return percentage, time frame, and financials are updated to reflect the actual property. The specifics of the property can be found by clicking “View Details” on the investment page.

You can select the investment amount and initiate a wire transfer. You have 3 business days to complete your wire transfer to activate your investment.

When an open investment has been fully funded it moves to “In Progress” and is no longer open for investment. You can track the status of your investments from start to finish directly from your investor dashboard.

Coming soon

The “Coming soon” projects are future investment opportunities. You will be notified once these projects become available.

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