Multi-Family Renovation Information

Multi-family home renovations allow investors to leverage low minimum investment amounts into potentially high returns within a short time frame.

Through years of experience, our team of experts has developed a proven system to maximize profits. We start by finding properties with the greatest potential. Rather than limiting ourselves to properties that are currently on the market, we use our industry connections to access pocket listings, property auctions, and even off-market opportunities.

We specifically target distressed properties, following our carefully developed business model. We can quickly add value to these properties through the work of our architects, builders, and designers. And now accredited investors can take advantage of our system for efficiently optimizing multi-family renovations and producing high yields.

The benefits of investing in multi-family renovations

Comparatively low minimum investment amounts.

Investors can buy into these deals for as little as $25,000. With Gatsby’s automated platform and established business model, we make it possible for investors to take advantage of low minimum amounts.


With the average renovation taking under 12 months, you can get in and out without tying up your capital for a long period.

Long-term options for recurring income.

If you’d rather keep your money invested to benefit from passive rental income, simply choose one of our multi-family renovation projects with the rental option.

Deal-by-deal control.

Our projects are offered on a deal-by-deal basis, putting you in complete control of which properties you invest in. Before you invest, you’ll have access to the property details (including the address), financial breakdown, and a full description of what we are doing to maximize the value of the property.

Ownership of a piece of LA real estate.

With Gatsby, you don’t just own debt-equity; you actually own a stake in the underlying real estate.

The process of multi-family renovation investing

Before initiating a purchase, our experts analyze hundreds of multi-family properties to find one with the potential for great transformation. We estimate the cost of construction in comparison to the anticipated sales price to ensure a profitable result. We negotiate to buy the property under the most favorable terms possible. The property then goes through extensive interior and exterior renovations. In most cases, we take the existing structure down to the studs and reconstruct the entire building to make it feel like a brand-new property.

We work with the award-winning architects Landry Design Group to create our custom design, layout, and color combinations to create a stunning before and after result. Each property is unique, so we look for ways to add the most value based on the individual property’s needs. This could mean changing the layout, landscaping, hardscaping, building a brand-new ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), or all the above. Because we have a large construction team, we can delegate workers to different projects simultaneously, allowing us to complete projects in remarkable time.

The option to continue into a rental investment

If you’re interested in long-term cash flow and appreciation, we have an interesting investment option for you. Some of our multi-family renovations come with an option to continue your investment into a long-term multi-family rental.

Our real estate analysts will determine if a renovation project should be held in our long-term portfolio based on rental income potential and appreciation. If it makes sense financially, we will offer investors the opportunity to continue into a rental investment.

By continuing into rental, you take advantage of tax benefits, property appreciation, and passive rental income. Another benefit of continuing into a rental investment is that you can choose to reinvest your profits from the renovation (to compound your interest in the rental phase of the project) or to pull them out of the deal and continue only with the initial investment amount. Please note that your shares may be deluded based on the amount you invest in the rental phase of the deal.

If you decide to continue into a rental holding, this will be a five-year investment. Our professional property managers will then handle the day-to-day operations of the property.

At the end of the hold period, you may have the option once again to continue the investment for another five years or to sell your shares in the property.

See our multi-family rental page for more information on rentals.

The option to exit after the renovation phase

If you prefer a short-term investment and don’t want to continue into a long-term rental, you can exit the investment once the remodeling phase is complete. New investors will then have the chance to purchase your shares based on the property’s new appraised value.

Investment stages

To bring you the most lucrative multi-family renovation investment opportunities, Gatsby follows market trends closely and is always on the search for new deals. We want to keep you in the loop on potential investments as we find them.

Our projects follow three investment stages:

  1. Coming soon. A sneak peek at the potential deals we’re lining up for the future.
  2. Pre-investment. A no-cost, no-obligation way to reserve your spot in an investment type until we have secured a property.
  3. Open investment. The project is open to investors. You can transfer your investment funds and confirm your ownership stake in the property right away.

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