Dan Gatsby


Founder and CEO of Gatsby Investment


As a seasoned businessman with over 30 years of experience in software development and business invention, Dan had a goal to make rare real estate investment opportunities accessible to individual investors worldwide and invest as easy as investing in stocks. 

Early Business Success

In 2001, Dan started a small printing shop in Culver City. Just 15 years later, this local business had grown to have over 500 employees and annual revenue of over $75 million. The success of this venture was partly due to Dan’s leadership and partly to his innovative spirit. Zoo Printing became the first printing company in the country to develop software for accepting online orders. This revolutionary eCommerce system made complex printing jobs easily accessible to individuals and businesses all over the country. By using his uniquely customized “Group Printing” concept, he was able to be more efficient, cut costs, and outperform every printing company of his time. 

Revolutionizing Real Estate Investing

When Dan sold his printing business, he was excited to use the proceeds to establish an innovative real estate investment platform that would revolutionize real estate investing in the same way that his software had revolutionized large-scale printing. 

Gatsby Investment is built on making complex real estate investment deals available to everyday investors, just as easily as investing in stocks. The Gatsby Investment platform does exactly that, while also allowing investors to monitor the progress and performance of their investments through the user-friendly investor dashboard. 

But technology is just one piece of the puzzle. Dan understood the importance of strategically building a system, designed to maximize return potential for investors. He got to work, investing his fortune into various real estate projects around Los Angeles. Once he had established a consistent track record of profitable returns, he knew he was finally ready to start serving investors across the US.

With Gatsby, you don’t need any specialized knowledge, experience, or connections to maximize your return potential. Gatsby does that for you with a well-qualified team of analysts, architects, designers, builders, property managers, and real estate agents who professionally manage every detail of each project.

Gatsby’s results speak for themselves. The average annualized net return to investors from 2017-2022 was an outstanding 24.22%!

Dan’s Business Knowledge and Skills:

  • Over 30 years of experience as a business leader and owner 
  • Software development and invention
  • Streamlining and automating investment processes 
  • Personal real estate investment ventures include house flip/renovations, luxury homes, multi-family rentals, new developments, and raw land
  • Real estate crowdfunding and syndication structures
  • SEC regulations and 506c filings  
  • Accounting and financials
  • Risk management 
  • Property management 
  • Construction management
  • Property analysis
  • Property design, architectural, permit, and zoning
  • Loan and financing
  • Business and security laws
  • Marketing and website design

Dan’s Best Real Estate Investing Advice

Leverage the knowledge, experience, and resources of others to make the most of your investments. 

Real estate is a complex business with many important factors. You need connections, a large team, the right location, market timing, an understanding of which opportunities to pursue, etc. Instead of learning everything yourself, you can be more efficient and profitable by leveraging other people’s knowledge and skill! You don’t have to learn it all yourself in order to be a successful real estate investor!