5 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Find New Investor Clients

By Michelle Clardie on 05/12/2024.
Reviewed by Dan Gatsby .
Real estate investors are the holy grail for real estate agents and brokers! They provide repeat business, reducing the amount of time and money you have to spend to keep your pipeline full. And, they might hire you on the buy side to purchase new acquisitions and the sell side as they dispose of assets. Plus, it’s incredibly gratifying to help someone build a real estate portfolio!

But how do real estate agents find new investor clients? Here’s a list of five effective ways to land new investors to grow your real estate business. 

1. Blog for Leads

Believe it or not, blogging still works as a passive lead-generator in the 2020s. When you add information to your website regularly, you give search engines, like Google, more content to index. This increases the chances that Google will show your website in the search results when investors enter keywords like “best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for investors” or “property types with the best ROI in San Diego”. 

With so many competing blogs, it’s important to localize your content (hence the “Los Angeles” and “San Diego” in the examples above). Smaller blogs may not be able to compete on a national scale, but by constantly identifying your location, you appeal specifically to the local investors you’re looking to reach. 

2. Get Social

Social media is a gold mine of potential clients. The key is to provide valuable information to local investors (as opposed to posting your sales pitch over and over). The more valuable your info, the more people will follow you. As they follow you, they get to know you and trust you as the local authority on real estate investments. 

Here are a few social media post ideas to help you get started:

  • Publish insider tips. For example, “Did you know that investment properties with an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) sell for x% more than the average property?”
  • Offer up your “best investment properties on the market” list: Comment “me” if you’d like to receive a free list of the best investment properties currently on the market!
  • Post a poll: Do you own an investment property? Include poll responses like A: Sure do! B: Not yet, but I want to. C: Nope, not interested. Then follow up with those who reply with A or B.  

Posting consistently will show the social platforms that you’re a committed participant, which can boost your posts in their algorithms. 

3. Offer Complimentary Property Tax Reviews

The National Taxpayers Union Federation (NTUF) estimates that 30-60% of American properties are over-assessed for property tax purposes. This means owners are being overcharged from property taxes. Yet less than 5% of these assessments are appealed.

Knowledgeable agents can quickly tell if a property is over-assessed. You already know what a reasonable price per square foot is for each neighborhood in your market. If the tax bill’s assessed value per square foot is higher, your client could be paying too much in property taxes.

Offering complimentary reviews of property taxes takes very little time and can be the differentiator that brings you new investor clients. 

Plus, if you find that your client is being over-taxed, you can offer your property tax appeal services for a fee. This is a genius way to create a separate stream of income for your real estate business!

4. Host an Investor Seminar

Want to present yourself as the expert on real estate investing? Host a seminar to teach locals how to invest in real estate. 

You can reach newbies by hosting a “Real Estate Investing 101” workshop in which you lay out all the basics of investing. Or you can offer “Advanced Real Estate Investment Strategies” if you want to attract active investors.

You could even get specific, hosting seminars on house-flipping, multi-family development, or Section 8 investing. There are tons of options!

5. Partner with a Real Estate Syndication Company

As property values have skyrocketed, more investors are turning away from traditional direct ownership, opting instead for real estate syndication investment models. Syndication is similar to real estate crowdfunding; multiple investors pool capital to fund a real estate project (such as a multi-family build-to-rent or a single-family development). The cost is divided among the investors, allowing for lower investment minimums. And the projects are professionally managed by a real estate syndication company, which increases the efficiency of the project while reducing the risk for investors.

So how do agents get new leads from syndication? You can partner with a real estate syndication company, effectively making the syndicate your investor client. You can bring deals to the syndicate, potentially serving as the buyer’s agent for the syndicate, or bring buyers for the syndicate’s listings, serving as the buyer’s agent for the investor-buyer of the syndicate’s completed project. 

Find Your New Investor Clients Today!

Ready to find new investor clients? Choose one or more (or all!) of the ideas above and start implementing your new strategy today. With consistent focus, you’ll start to see your investor leads grow. And as you build your relationships with your new investor clients, your real estate business will grow as well!

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