What Makes Gatsby Investment’s Platform Unique?

By Michelle Clardie on 06/11/2024.
Reviewed by Josefin Gatsby
Once upon a time, unique, high-value real estate deals were available only to the wealthy elite. But today, Gatsby Investment is bringing these deals to everyday investors through a unique online investment platform. 

Gatsby’s real estate syndication investment model allows investors with zero prior experience to buy into complex real estate development projects. These deals are expertly vetted and managed from start to finish by Gatsby’s team of real estate analysts and project managers. So your returns are completely passive. You receive all the benefits of a professionally managed real estate development project without investing your own time and energy or shouldering the upfront financial costs alone.   

But what makes Gatsby Investment’s platform unique? Why should you trust Gatsby with your investment capital? 

Here are five ways Gatsby Investment stands out from other real estate crowdfunding platforms.  

Localized Expertise

Based in Beverly Hills, Gatsby focuses heavily on the Los Angeles housing market. There are several compelling reasons to invest in LA real estate, including:

  • Consistently high demand. With 63% of Angelinos renting rather than owning, there is a wide investor-buyer pool. And, despite the high cost of living, LA’s impressive amenities continue to draw residents from all over the world.

  • High rental rates. As of June 2024, the average rent in Los Angeles is $2,111 per month, 39% higher than the national average. Renters are willing to spend serious cash to live in Los Angeles. A recent analysis found that LA rents increase nearly 2% more than the national average each year. 

  • Favorable housing regulations. To combat the chronic SoCal housing shortage, California has enacted legislation that makes it easier to develop new housing units. And Gatsby is capitalizing on these opportunities. Take the recent zoning changes, for example. Developers can now build 4-10 units on many lots zoned for single-family. By purchasing affordable single-family lots and building multi-family developments from the ground up, we can create much more valuable properties. Or consider the ADU (accessory dwelling unit) legislation, which streamlines the permitting process to allow property owners to build a separate living space on their single-family lots. By adding ADUs to our home flip projects, we can quickly increase return potential. 

By focusing locally, we have been able to stay on top of changing trends and adapt our strategies to create higher return potential for our investors.  

A Strong Niche

We have used our local expertise to develop a strong strategic niche in the SoCal market. 

We focus on new construction multi-family developments of 4-6 units. 

Building from the ground up allows us to take full advantage of California’s zoning law changes. We can purchase a low-cost single-family lot in an in-demand area, and construct multiple units on the lot, making the most of the land investment. 

We focus on smaller developments because they are in greater demand. They are accessible to more investors than larger apartment buildings, so we have a wider pool of potential buyers. Not only are these developments less expensive than buildings with dozens of units, but they are also eligible for more financing options. The high demand for these smaller multi-family buildings increases the likelihood of a quick, highly profitable sale upon completion of the project.   

Each unit in our developments is designed for today’s renters. We’re seeing increasing demand for larger units, both from families who have been priced out of the housing market and from young adults who live with multiple roommates to keep housing costs lower. Each unit offers 3-5 bedrooms. The bedrooms within the units are sized similarly to one another, making it ideal for roommates who are splitting the rent evenly. And each bedroom comes with its own bathroom, which is important for both families and roommates.

Focusing on this niche has provided repeated success, and we increase our efficiency with each new project of this type. 

Proprietary Software

Gatsby Investment’s online platform was designed to streamline the investing process and manage projects effectively and efficiently. 

From our convenient, user-friendly dashboard, you can:

  • Sign up to be notified of new investment opportunities as they arise, 
  • Review the details of each project, including the property address, estimated costs, and projected returns
  • Apply to be verified as an accredited investor through our third-party verification service, Verify Investor,
  • Choose your project(s) and place your investment,
  • Sign the applicable paperwork to become an official member of the LLC that owns the property,
  • Track the progress of your project(s),
  • Receive applicable tax forms, and 
  • Review the project’s final financials so you know how much to expect when we disburse funds upon completion of the project. 

Long-Standing Industry Relationships

Operating locally over the last several years has enabled Gatsby to build relationships with industry professionals who can help increase returns for investors. 

We work with real estate agents and brokers to find off-market properties that can be purchased below market value. And because of our relationships with local lenders, we are able to negotiate favorable terms on financing, like lower interest rates. This reduces our interest expense, which increases our bottom line on the project. 

We also have well-established relationships with local architects, designers, and builders. Our repeat business gives us bulk pricing on materials, reduced rates on labor, and ensures consistently high quality in our builds.  

A Track Record of High Returns

Even more important than Gatsby’s unique systems are its results

Our track record speaks for itself. From 2017 through 2023, Gatsby provided average annualized returns of 23% to our investors! And we have a 100% success rate, having never lost money on a deal. 

Our localized expertise, strong niche, proprietary software, and long-standing industry relationships all contribute to our above-average returns. And, while market conditions are always changing, the Gatsby platform is always ready to meet these changes head-on.

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